"Bishop’s raw and earthy sounds reflect the many influences he’s had on his life as well as the true stories behind his lyrics." - The Technique

Bred from a love of blues and folk, W.L. Bishop's music finds itself at a stranded crossroads playing along to the hum of crickets and power lines.  With a raw, earthy voice steeped in his southern roots, Bishop draws on diverse influences to create a sound that defies categorization in any genre.

The songs on Bishop’s first album Walkaways are diverse, running the gamut from the catchy, upbeat Chandeliers in the Skyto the understated, introspective Vegas. But whether he’s making you want to dance or cry, you can’t help but notice the masterful storytelling at the core of every song on the album.  As he weaves together life’s twisted threads of heartbreak, loss, and the longing for meaning, Bishop crafts striking lyrics that stick with you long after the final cords die out. “There are a lot of songs that have changed the way I look at things in life and death, and I hope my music can have that same effect on my listeners,” he says.

Bishop has made his way up and down the East Coast, playing dive bars and concert halls from Atlanta to Boston. Whether opening for T-Pain in Atlanta with original music, or lending his prowess on the guitar to a country cover band, he’s never met a stage that didn’t feel like home. His stories ring true with audiences of all sizes, amping up massive crowds at Georgia Tech’s and UGA's homecoming concerts, and gently serenading the final stragglers out the door after last call at their local bar.

Bishop grew up in South Georgia, where he picked up the guitar at the ripe age of 13. Since then he's been playing in blues bands in bars throughout the South, writing tales of his journeys and findings.  A long way from the single stoplight in the town he first called home, W.L. is currently gigging in the Washington D.C. metro area, playing bars like The Daily Dish and The Black Squirrel, along with other local festivals and events.